Shoring Inspections

Concrete Shoring Inspections & Formwork Engineering services are provided by EMA. We have developed a reputation for excellence.

Shoring Inspections engineers, structural damage inspection
EMA Shoring Inspections


Storm Damage Assessment

Storm Damage Assessment: How a Structural Engineer Can Assess Wind, Snow and Water Damage After a Storm Structural storm damage assessments.

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structural 40 Year Recertification Inspections, EMA Forensic Engineers Florida

40 Year Structural Inspection

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40 YEAR STRUCTURAL INSPECTION & RECERTIFICATION? 40 Year Structural Inspection Recertification Inspections Serving Broward, Miami-Dade, Hillsborough, Volusia and Palm Beach Counties …

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settlement crack evaluation

Settlement crack evaluation, engineers Masonry Damage inspections houston, masonry damage inspections new orleans, Forensic engineers
EMA structural engineers Settlement Crack Evaluation in Masonry Structures.

Settlement Crack Evaluation

Building Settlement Crack Evaluations The settlement crack evaluation in foundation walls are important as the wall are connected to the top roof members.

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snow load collapse

Rain on Snow


Rain on Snow: A Recipe for Building Disaster EMA Structural Engineers Explain Rain on Snow Roof Load Dangers Rain on snow.


Structural Engineers Inspections

Structural Inspections

Structural Engineers Inspections EMA offers structural Engineers inspections for new and existing construction of any size and type.  Our licensed building engineers provide structural inspections of various buildings during construction. These inspections in Florida are classified as Threshold Inspections.

ema structural inspections Engineers, building condition surveys florida, ema structural engineers, 40-Year Recertification inspections, 40 Year structural inspection

Structural Engineering Consulting

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Structural Engineering Consulting EMA Structural Engineering Consulting and Design Services EMA Engineers is a full-service structural engineering firm dedicated to providing …

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structural 40 Year Recertification Inspections, EMA Forensic Engineers Florida,school structural design engineers

School Structural Design

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School Structural Design Engineers School Structural design Engineering is mainly the design of buildings and bridges, but can include any structure …

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swimming pool drawings, structural 40 Year Recertification Inspections, EMA Forensic Engineers Florida

Swimming Pool Drawings

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It couldn’t be easier! Standard Swimming Pool Drawings As the flagship service of EMA Engineers, our extensive library of standardized …

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residential & commercial renovations

Commercial Renovations

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