Milestone Inspections Tampa

What are Milestone Inspections Tampa?

Milestone Inspections Tampa are now REQUIRED BY FL STATUTE.

  • Condo (718) or Co-Op (719) buildings, 3 stories or more are required to complete a Phase 1 Milestone Inspections Tampa 30 years after the first Certificate of Occupancy.
  • After the initial recertification period of 30 years, Condo (718) or Co-Op (719) buildings, 3 stories or more must then complete an updated Phase 1 Milestone Inspection every 10 years after that

With licensed Professional Engineers as well as experienced structural design engineers with experience EMA Structural Forensic Engineers possess the expertise to accurately assess your property to receive recertification or provide the necessary steps to receive your association’s  30 or 10-year milestone inspection report(s).

Phase 1 is an initial visual inspection to determine basic structural integrity by a licensed professional engineer or architect. A Structural Engineer will look at the building structure from top to bottom, inside and out to observe any problems. The fundamental purpose of the required inspection and report is to confirm in a reasonable fashion that the building or structure under consideration is safe for continued use under present occupancy.  The inspection will determine the general safety and structural condition of the building(s). If “substantial structural deterioration” is found a PHASE 2 inspection will need to be conducted.

If problems are found, repair and next-step recommendations are reported for Phase 2. 

Phase 2 is triggered if problems are discovered in Phase 1. Phase 2 will continue to define the scale of the problem and the plan for repairs. The scope of a Phase 2 report will depend on the problems identified.

Florida Milestone Inspections Tampa & Clearwater by EMA engineers

Important Deadlines You Should Know

December 31, 2024– 30-year milestone inspections must be submitted to your local county authority by a licensed engineer.

We are TeamComplete. Our on-staff Professional Engineers are fully qualified to conduct Phase 1 and 2 Milestone Inspections as well as Structural Integrity Reserve

Studies. We also have an on-staff licensed CAM to help your management team navigate this process while ensuring your association fulfills its statutory funding requirements.

(1) The Legislature finds that maintaining the structural integrity of a building throughout its service life is of paramount importance to ensure that buildings are structurally sound to not pose a threat to the public health, safety, or welfare. As such, the Legislature finds that the imposition of a statewide structural inspection program for aging condominium and cooperative buildings in this state is necessary to ensure that such buildings are safe for continued use.

2(a)Milestone inspection Tampa” means a structural inspection of a building, including an inspection of load-bearing walls and the primary structural members and primary structural systems as those terms are defined in s.627.706, by a licensed architect or engineer authorized to practice in this state to attest to the life safety and adequacy of the structural components of the building and, to the extent reasonably possible, determining the general structural condition of the building as it affects the safety of such building, including a determination of any necessary maintenance, repair, or replacement of any structural component of the building.

The purpose of such inspection is not to determine if the condition of an existing building complies with the Florida Building Code or the fire safety code.

7(a) For phase one of the milestone inspection Tampa, a licensed architect or engineer authorized to practice in this state shall perform a visual examination of habitable and non-habitable areas of a building, including the major structural components of a building, and provide a qualitative assessment of the structural conditions of the building. If the architect or engineer finds no signs of substantial structural deterioration to any building components under visual examination, phase two of the inspection, as provided in paragraph (b), is not required. An architect or engineer who completes a phase one milestone inspection shall prepare and submit an inspection report under subsection (8).

milestone inspections Clearwater, Sarasota Beach by EMA engineers

Clearwater Milestone Inspections Vs 40- Year Structural Inspections

Clearwater Milestone Inspections and 40-year structural Inspections in Broward and Dade County are structural inspections of older buildings’ condition assessment when it reaches the 30 year or 40-year mark whereas Clearwater milestone inspections are for 3 story and higher and 30 year old older condominium buildings.  This program has been in effect for more than a decade and applies to any commercial buildings, including schools, in Broward and Miami-Dade counties. Property managers or business owners must consult with structural engineers to have a proper inspection completed at 50 years and then once every 10 years afterward. These inspections are designed to keep people safer from possible building failure during extreme weather conditions and other scenarios.

Purpose of the 40-Year Structural Inspections

The main purpose of the 40-year structural inspections program is to ensure the building is safe from a structural and electrical standpoint. Many structural engineers spend the majority of their time conducting inspections on older buildings, and they are required to prepare a report of their findings. Buildings older than 40 Years must get visual Structural Inspections may not be strong enough to withstand hurricane-force winds and other weather phenomena, so the purpose of the inspection program is to ensure the building is as safe as possible to prevent injury or death.

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