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Hurricane Damaged Building Forensic Engineers Professional services provided by EMA to our clients as an outstanding application of EMA Engineering’s expertise are Forensic Engineering and Building Damage Assessment.

Highly experienced damaged building forensic engineers and staff are available for investigation, diagnosis, assessment, and remediation advice covering buildings and structures for damage of all types. We have experience in providing damage assessment and forensic inspections after major hurricanes, including Andrew, Charlie, Katrina & Rita.

We are trusted by the architects, property owners, builders, insurers, and loss adjusters to establish the root cause of building and structural failures and to determine cost-effective remedial works.

  • Structural / Building Damage Forensic Engineers Assessments, Inspections, and Forensic Investigations by Forensic Engineers Jacksonville.
  • Investigation and damage assessment of all buildings and structures, retaining walls, pavements, water tanks, and swimming pools.
  • Expert Witness and Reporting service for legal proceedings and court hearings.
  • Building and Structural Defects and Damage Causation investigation and reporting.
  • Cause of damage determination and repair specification for the insurance industry.

Hurricane Damaged Building Forensic Engineers Professional Fort Myers & North Port

  • Remediation advice and disaster assessment following the fire, storm, earthquake, and flood events by Hurricane Damaged Buildings Forensic Engineers’ Professional Inspections.
  • Pre-purchase building inspections for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.
  • Preventative risk assessments.
  • Hurricane damage assessments.
  • Wind damage inspections and assessments
  • Building cladding wind damage
  • Roof damage assessments.
  • hurricane damage assessments by forensic engineers in Jacksonville, Daytona, Melbourne F,lorida.
  • Building maintenance appraisals and recommendations.
  • Dilapidation surveys prior to/post construction.
  • Building movement and underpinning.
  • Infrastructure damage and emergency management plans (buildings, bridges, and other structures).
  • General building inspections, providing structural and building advice to property owners.

Building Damage Forensic Engineers Florida

is the application of engineering knowledge to determine why a structure or machine failed. It also tries to determine why there was damage to a structure or machine. Forensic engineering involves using reverse engineering to determine why a component, structure, or machine failed to perform correctly.

In other words, forensic engineering is all about trying to find out what went wrong.

Forensic experts may then use their findings as evidence in court. Specifically, they use their evidence in court if the failure caused human injury or damage to property.

They also use the evidence in court if their findings have anything to do with a criminal case.

Put; foren, ic engineering is the investigation of failures. They range from minor to catastrophic failures. Some of them may also lead to court action.

The American Society of Civil Engineers has the following description of the term:

“Forensic engineers Jacksonville is the application of engineering principles to investigate failures or other performance problems.”

“Forensic engineering also involves testimony on the findings of these investigations before a court of law or another judicial forum, when required.”

The word ‘forensic‘ refers to applyingapplication of technical or scientific knowledge to solving problems. Specifically, finding out why something went wrong or how a criminal activity proceeded.

The purpose of the Hurricane Damaged Building Forensic Engineers Professional is to perform the cause and origin of structural damages due to structural design faults, construction defects, and ill-maintained buildings, bridges, silos, and other superstructures. Our engineers have extensive experience with investigating failures and understanding some of the pertinent legal aspects, which has prepared us for the eventual practice of forensic structural engineering.

Engineering investigation and determination using forensic engineers in West Florida of the causes of structural failures of buildings, bridges, and other constructed facilities, as well as rendering opinions and giving testimony in judicial proceedings, often referred to as Forensic Structural Engineering, where most of the investigation is performed by forensic building engineers in teaming up with structural engineers, has become a field of professional practice of its own in the US. With rapid economic development, increased design sophistication, more-and-more daring construction technology, and accelerated project delivery came the proliferation of structural failures worldwide. Several countries are reviewing and streamlining technical, business, and legal procedures modeled on US practices – with their advantages and faults – which require expert consultants/witnesses in forensic investigation and the ensuing dispute resolution. Our engineers have extensive engineering experience in all facets of damage origin determination.

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