Electrical Infrared Inspections Florida

We provide a full range of inspection services including:

Electrical infrared inspections Scans & Pinpoint Hot Spots in Electrical Systems, switchgear rooms & Electric gridline.

Proactive, Predictive Approach – Avoids Unscheduled Maintenance

Electrical Infrared Inspections Reduces Down Time – By fixing needed repairs before they occurs.

EMA electrical infrared inspections Florida

Reduces Electrical Energy Costs by Electrical Infrared Inspections

Increases Efficiency in Electrical Maintenance Programs

You can pinpoint and repair electrical infrared inspections problems before they happen with our Electrical Inspections. Reduce downtime and increase profits with an infrared electrical test. Save time and money, call today for a free quote.

quickly pinpointing problems

preventing catastrophic failures
improving preventive maintenance efficiency
reducing downtime and equipment damage

establishing repair priorities

testing under load to avoid costly repairs.

An infrared roof inspection identifies areas of moisture infiltration and deteriorating insulation in flat roofs before leaks happen. As water finds the path of least resistance, a leak may appear in one corner of the building, while the point of origin may be in another area. Our inspection finds moisture trapped in subsurface insulation so that repairs are targeted and only in the damaged areas. We perform both walking and drones. We perform a walking inspection at dusk after a full day of solar loading. As we survey the roof, the areas that are holding water will show up on our infrared cameras. Infrared roof inspections should be performed on as needed based on insurance audit requirements, leaks and wind damage.

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